In order to meet the market demand, the newly developed CMS alarm platform can realize the security alarm system unlimited extension replication function. No matter how much the business customer's business network grows, there is no need to replace the original security alarm equipment, only need to add the new network security equipment, expand and duplicate and alarm the system.At the same time, the new alarm platform with the freedom and flexible deployment capabilities, not only support Single-point acces,but also support multiple-point access.In addition, it supports third-party applications, interfaces and extensions to meet the open needs of more customers.

Web App

Background management platform, according to the role of sub-rights management.ShenAn administrator,Operator administrator, Shop business users,Operator administrator in accordance with the provincial, city, district, community hierarchical model, manage separately the business data within the jurisdiction.

Web Api

Interface services for mobile client authentication, function call, data access. Interface services for access to the server authentication, data access. Interface services for third-party data access (large data access) Authentication interface for third-party device access.

Third party service interface (reserved service interface)

  • Reserve third-party business interface can meet the needs of a scene: After the alarm, the customer hope that it will trigger a series of business process, Such as automatically report alert to the Public Security Bureau police intelligence, automatic notification to send security personnel to inspect and so on.
  • Third-party applications (call service control devices, call the API to obtain ShenAn data, etc.). After the authentication of third-party applications, you can control the smart device through the API, access the data in the ShenAn’s database.
  • Support third-party public platforms
    • Push Platform
    • Wechat Platform
    • EZVIZ Platform
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